Sunday, April 8, 2012

three motor rocket

I have launched the 17 feb rocket with three solid fuel  engines in the desert on 1-4-2012, the day was beautiful sunny and temp. was 19 c .                 
I do not have sensors for speed and altitude,or parashut  electronic release system 
i have tested one of those motors practically in desert for recording speed and distance.
the size of the motor was 30 centemeter long aluminum tube by 7 centemetr dia. was made 1000 meter during 2.5 second  on flat land.
 i add three motors of this type on my rocket and according to my calculation it should make
  three times the distance.
launch stared ,i was 20 meters far from rocket with my camera. i did not  expect the speed of it when lifted off, in moments disappeared in the sky. my camera caught nothing more then launch start,
 i kept listening in the desert silence trying to hear it ,and that what was  the result .
after launch rocket and sound disappeared for 6 seconds then i heard sound in the sky like the   roar of aircraft  for about 3 seconds ,sound disappeared again for few seconds and i saw it falling to the ground 1000 meter  far from launching point. the total time from start to back was 20 seconds.
  my calculation was rong and it was new experience to me.
next i will try to make simple parashut air release.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

great escape

god saved those libyan young revolutionest in the desert from kaddafi army by somehow sand storm came in between.

russian grad missile

in the memory of the libyan revolution , march 2011 russian grad missile fired againest benghazi city by gaddafi revenge from young protesters.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

17 feb rocket

i am working on the biggest rocket i have made so far,it is 2.15 meter long working with 3 motors, speed of 1200 k/h.
i will test it in the desert next few days,hope fully reach altitude of 1000 meter.

moor details will be given once i finish it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

rocketry invitation

on the 17 feb 2012 will be the first year celebration of libyan liberation for peace and freedom.
the libyan rocketry association invite experience rocketry association and web owners who showed interest and support our rocketry association to attend the celebration and share with us rocket shooting in the desert for fun.
some details will be sent to their webs.
we will be happy to see you there.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dates additive to rocket fuel

 In America used corn syrup as an additives to sugar propellant ,I never seen or used  corn syrup before, it is a bit mysterioss to me.
I tried pure bee honey added to kno3 and sugar, it resists crystallizing and rocket fly stable also remains flexible even after a month.
The ratio
Sugar 200 grams –kno3 400 grams – honey 1 tea spoon
In my country we make molasses out of dates it is a desert fruit and cheap in my country ,I have tried it as an additives to sugar propellant ,I have a  good results .
The ratio
Sugar 200 grams – kno3 400 grams – dates molasses 2 tea spoon .
as food we use.
Dates (Phoenix dactylifera), medjool,
Nutritive Value per 100 g
(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base) Principle    Nutrient Value Percentage of RDA
Energy 277 Kcal           14%
Carbohydrates 74.97 g             58%
Protein             1.81g    3%
Total Fat           0.15 g   <1%
Cholesterol       0 mg     0%
Dietary Fiber     6.7 g     18%
Folates             15 µg    4%
Niacin   1.610 mg          10%
Pantothenic acid           0.805 mg          16%
Pyridoxine        0.249 mg          19%
Riboflavin         0.060 mg          4.5%
Thiamin            0.050 mg          4%
Vitamin A          149 IU 5%
Vitamin C          0 mg     0%
Vitamin K          2.7 µg  2%
Sodium             1 mg     0%
Potassium         696 mg             16%
Calcium             64 mg   6.5%
Copper             0.362 mg          40%
Iron      0.90 mg            11%
Magnesium      54 mg   13%
Manganese      0.296 mg          13%
Phosphorus      62 mg   9%
Zinc      0.44 mg            4%
Carotene-ß       89 µg  --
Crypto-xanthin-ß          0 µg     --
Lutein-zeaxanthin         23 µg  --

Sunday, December 25, 2011

tourist rocket sport

I am working on a plan to make (tourist rocket sport) in Libya  and open the door for the world amateur rocketry to come over and shoot their rockets with me on the Libyan desert and by the sea side ,I would like all rocketry to share freely their opinion with us and help to improve a wider sport for the world rocketry in Libya . I have done half way work of my plan up to date , my idea to make it in the first time for fun in the desert and by the beautiful sea side, then a moor farther step to make a tourist amateur rocketry sport, for new record altitude and to have a tour to visit the cyrene which is received the 2009 world tourist award for its integrated heritage preservation and management of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Cyrene in Libya.

And there is moor hidden beautiful sites to see.   

farther information will be released next year 2012